Join me, Richo, on a cruisy biking, swimming, and hiking adventure tour around the beautiful Dunsborough coastline. 


The main tour comprises 2 diverse cycling legs, 1 coastal stroll and a couple of swims.  With a maximum number of 10 people per tour, this easy-going tour is aimed at anyone above 8 who can ride a bike. It’s 2 hours of exercise, laughs, and local knowledge! It’s just the ticket to get the kids moving, and to build up an appetite. add a few little special treats to spice the tours up! Winery Tours, Brewery Tours, A combination of both...even a Helicopter ride if you're keen! These options are all on the Book a Tour page, so suss them out and decide which tour best suits your group!


Regardless of the tour you choose, you’ll get to see 4 of Dunsborough’s best beaches…and swim at a couple of them. You’ll get to stroll along a coastal track, keeping one eye on the path for the local fauna and the other on the ocean for whales and dolphins. You’ll get to orientate yourself around one of the south wests’ most beautiful seaside destinations.

You'll get to dodge wild kangaroos, smell the amazing Aussie bush, spot colourful birds, and wash away the dust by dipping in beautiful, crystal clear water. I’m an environmental scientist, so you can listen in to the local yarns about the area…or you can just switch off and enjoy the scenery.

It’ll be a hoot, it’ll be an adventure…give it a crack!



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