I’m an environmental scientist, a teacher and an adventurer, among other things.

After a tour, people often say they enjoyed the conversation as much as the sightseeing.

Richo is your tour guide in Dunsborough

Environmental Scientist

I love the Australian bush – its animals and their quirks, so I became an environmental scientist and worked for 15 years in the Pilbara and Goldfields regions of Western Australia, as well as Perth.

I loved that job, but life is too short to spend half of it away from those I love – my wife and three kids … and our dog and other pets.

I wanted to see my kids grow up, and I wanted to spend more time in the south-west – sharing my knowledge of the environment with people just like you.


I started my working life as a physical education teacher and have come back to that again recently.

I have taught both in Australia and overseas, and I love it.

My experience as a teacher is invaluable in running tours. I know how to organise rowdy groups, whether they’re teenagers at school or adults riding bikes after a second wine tasting.

Richo paddling the Avon Descent
Richo hiking the Kokoda track with Huddo


My motto “squeeze life” has always made me try new things. My Dad was a ‘10 pound pom’, leaving England to follow his dreams, and I inherited that wanderlust.

I have worked as a gardener in Italy for their future Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, crewed a 75-foot delivery yacht across the Atlantic from Antigua to Norway, hiked the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea, paddled in the longest white-water race in the world, swum a few long-distance events, and skied the slopes of Europe.

I love talking about adventures – the ones I’ve had, the ones you’ve had, and the ones we’re still planning.

Touring Cyclist

I have cycled through Southern Africa, New Zealand and Western Europe.

I also ran the London Marathon. Having failed to catch a man dressed as a turkey, I vowed I would cycle from Perth to Sydney in costume to demoralise others as he had demoralised me.

I dressed as a bilby – a small Australian marsupial with a snout big enough to provide my considerable nose some shade under the warm Australian sun.

I arrived in Sydney the day before the 2000 Olympics kicked-off. As I set off, my mum apparently said “I wish he’d just buy a house like a normal young man”.

Richo cycling in France
Bike Swim Hike Dunsborough WA


PH: +61 417 825 178

EMAIL: richo@bikeswimhikedunsborough.com