We start and end our tour at the intersection of Dunn Bay Rd and Geographe Bay Rd – look for our flag. 

The standard tour is as follows:

Leg 1:

We’ll go through our introductions and a safety briefing before we set off on a leisurely 3.5km ride to beach 1. Passing coastal vegetation and a small wetland, cruising beneath a canopy of peppermint trees, we arrive at a beautiful white, wide beach. It’s a flat stretch to get us all pumped.


Leg 2:

After loading the bikes onto the trailer, we pile into the bus and drive to beach 2, a small locals’ haunt with an iconic granite outcrop. We grab our swimming gear, and hike to beach 3, where you can swim, or you can save your swim until we return to beach 2. This is the area we are most likely to see whales, skinks and lizards!


Leg 3:

Piling back into the bus, we sneak into the back blocks of Dunsborough, where we unload the bikes. From here, it’s a gentle downhill free-wheel through the bush, past mobs of wild grey kangaroos and colourful birds. Having seen the ‘roos up close and personal, we cruise to beach 4 for a look, then head back to the town, where we conclude.


WINE LOVERS - 2 different excellent local producers in two very different locations! One a private tasting, and one in an iconic cellar door.

BEER LOVERS - 2 breweries, one half-way through the tour to wet the whistle, the other on completion...You've earned it!

WINE & BEER LOVERS - when you just can't make up your mind, and it doesn't matter...you're on holidays!

THAT SPECIAL OCCASION - do the tour, drink the beer, taste the wine, and fly over the Cape in a chopper. You gotta be Jokin!