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If you want some  photos done in a beautiful setting, contact  Caroline Moylan. Great chilled out sessions for families or couples. She is my wife though, so I'm biased! Suss out her page and see for yourself. 


Mike Hutton makes some of the most amazing wines in the SW...and he does it without a cellar door, so he's the epitome of boutique. Ask me to point you in his direction and you may even be able to do a private tasting with him. With 30 years in the industry, he's worth a visit...and a mate worth hanging onto!


Like the bread you ate today? Head to Yallingup Wood Fired Bakery at 7 McLachlan Road, Dunsborough Western Australia 6281 Amazing - hot from the oven!


Matt at the Bayside Burger Bar in the heart of Dunsy will give you 5% off your bill after a tour. Head in for the perfect finish after a morning on the coast with me!